Collecting & Packaging

  •           Label the collected (sample) material immediately and complete the submission form as completely as possible. Only samples accompanied by a completely completed submission form will be processed.

  • Samples send from abroad (including the EU), must be accompanied by a completed commercial document, attach the commercial document to your foreign entry.
  •           Send the material in a by Postal approved packaging according to the packaging instruction (P(I)650). Place the leak-proof primary packaging in a leak-proof secondary packaging. If multiple (fragile) primary containers are placed in a single secondary package, they must be wrapped or separately separated, so that mutual contact is excluded. Sufficient absorbent material shall be placed between primary container(s) and the secondary packaging to absorb the entire contents of the primary container(s). Preferably package the whole in a bubble envelope or a cardboard box with a clearly legible diamond with number UN 3373 on it. See also PDF File; Sending diagnostic samples.

    ·       If necessary, the material can be kept cool with a frozen cooling element.

    ·       (Uncooled) Whole blood, Heparin blood, EDTA blood, Plasma or Serum can be submitted for the serological tests.

    ·       Provide material for microbiological and/or parasitological research as fresh as possible. The quality of the sampling determines the usability and reliability of the result.

    ·       Send feaces samples the same day.

    ·       Scratch skin and/or hair from the edge of the lesion as much as possible for parasitological examination.

Sending diagnostic Samples.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document 161.2 KB

For international shipments (within the EU and as well as Third World Countries), the package must be accompanied by a completed commercial document. You can find the Commercial Document in the attachment below.

Commercial Document International Shipment Diagnostic Samples
Please download the Commercial Document, fill in the (in Yellow) highlighted details and send the completed and signed document together with the fully completed submission form and the samples to our laboratory.
Commercial Document International Shipme
Microsoft Word document 42.2 KB